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ART: Crazzy

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ART: Dapple-grey Grobbellilusk?

Is there even such a thing? Continue reading ART: Dapple-grey Grobbellilusk?

ART: The Alienator

So I’m watching the Academy Awards, Continue reading ART: The Alienator

ART: Armor Lady 2

Ok, I’m sort of getting the hang of photoshop painting… though, the faces aren’t great and the lighting is haphazardly all over the place. But yeah. Let’s put these aside and just get back to work on that potterthon thingy.



ART: Armor Lady





So, here I was, about 11:30 PM when I thought I might turn in early this might… Well, F that, my brain then said! Continue reading ART: Armor Lady

ART: Aaww, Bruces!!!


ART: No Roads

In a year we’re finally there.
Where I will not tell.
But one thing I can foretell:
Over there, absence of roads will be swell.


ART: Blue Cap

Thought I’d try out some new techniques with the wacom gear. So this is basically an improvised person done on a single layer in photoshop… A really interesting way to work, it turns out. Maybe that’s why it’s popular among lots of digital artists? Oh well. FUCK! it’s 3 AM?! DAMN. I need to get some sleep!!!


ART: ms Holmes

So. This sniffle that I mentioned in the last post seems totally have left me. It has been a dreary week. Nothing to do but to wait it out. But it did give me a reason to watch some of the old Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series from the latter half of the 1980’s.

It seems to also have driven my latest spurt of productiveness. 12 shots animated in two days. Personal record of mine, I guess. At least in this project.

Anyhow. I have found my website somewhat lacking during the last few weeks. I seem to have gotten fond of the look of having black&white illustrations spreckled around the front-page. But during these days those have been too far between. I decided then to rectify the matter by doing this piece, inspired by the very same series that I have been consuming. Not entirely happy with it. But will have to do as I need to get going to not miss another days of work that I actually get money from.

Be seeing you!




Do not wonder about the sudden strangeness in my writing-style. It will pass. I just have this tendency to get influenced by the creative works that I listen to. It is fine in times like these where it livens up the vocabulary in a silly way… but please don’t catch me after a marathon of Mr Bean-episodes… that is not a sight to be seen lightly…


Art: Ueno of Kansas


Wow, I always forget that it’s been almost 10 years ago now since that trip a couple of friends and me went to tokyo. And soon after, back home. I did one of my earlier attempts at a classic matte-painting. Not really perfection. I just got a sting of nostalgia when I stumbled over this pic while was looking for sound-effects on the hard-drive.



Now, back to work!


Art: Melmakian Cuteness

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Art: Gojirathon Gallery

If all you want is to see the pics. Then here they are.

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Art: Bolt of Rock

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Ever noticed how the Omni Consumer Products logo look like a communist flag?

Yeah, I watched RoboCop (2014) yesterday… and had to rewatch the Verhoeven Classic just to get my mind cleared of the non-substance…

and another one…

still trying to get a hang of this thingamajigg

Suddenly. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

And it’s working rather nicely I might add,. If I may be so bold.

Just one of those things…

… I had to get out of my system…