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181004 – Livestream Test – Poop

I have just spent the last few hours animating a gif where a man poops his pants… Continue reading 181004 – Livestream Test – Poop

streamingtest 2 – Live

Trying out Streaming


180727 – I bought a fan

That’s it, really… There has been such a shortage in electric fans in me local locale. So when I finally saw one at ÖoB (local budget-shop) for roundabout 299 sek (roundabout $35) I had to acquire one.

It’s flimsy as hell and noisy to boot. But in a heat-wave like this one… I really have no choice when this was quite literally the only one available for the last several weeks… It’ll do until they restock on the nice ones.

And… I am doing my best shampoo commercial face ! 😀

Be seeing you!

180727 – Pop head

It’s been a while since I just did some horrific animation, hasn’t it? 🙂

Animation – 180304

The excersises just keep on coming. Here, I left out the live action background and just wanted to build a short animation that lasted 10 seconds. All done in Adobe Animate. I kept it very sparse in the colors and the finish because I set myself a time limit. When the Academy Awards started, I had to be finished. And so I was.

And thank goodness Roger Deakins actually won for once!

Be seeing yah!

Video – A Typical Saturday night

Just wanted to add a youtube video I uploaded where I practiced a bit of hand-held 8fps aesthetic. I think I went a bit overboard with the wipes. But it was a fun excersice nonetheless.

Be Seeing Ya!

Itano Circus Test 2

Holy Moly! It's been half a year since the last post? Man. I need to get back into this gambit.

Well. Here's a quickie test. It's basically another Itano Circus. But it's done in a bit more unusual way.

  • I first filmed the background, using my GH4 in 1080p 2 fps video mode.
    – (In variable framerate mode it actually only records in the framerate that you set it to. It saves it as a standard 24 fps file for playback but the framerate difference can make either super-speedy footage (if recorded with framerate slower than the playback) or slow motion (if recorded with a faster framerate than the playback). And that works great for my experiment as I want it suuuper speedy in this case. 2 fps recording makes it 12 times faster. Playing that back at 8fps makes it… uhhh… ok, I don't know, but it looked like I wanted it to at least!)
  • Then I took it into after effects.
  • Time-reversed it (I walked forward during filming to be able to get footage that was traveling backwards without risking tripping over stuff in my messy apartment).
  • Then. I exported that as a png-sequence (I found a great youtube channel btw that mentions importing video into flash as png-sequences)
  • And then using that as the background, I drew the whole circus thingy in flash in 8 fps… sorry, Adobe Animate.
  • Then I exported it (the animation layers, that is) as a png sequence again and…
  • imported it to After Effects, layered it back on top of the original footage interpreted as 8 fps and finally exported it.

Kind of worked out better than expected in my opinion. I may be using this method more in ongoing projects… because I still suck at drawing backgrounds… 🙂


Be seeing you!

SMA: The Introduction

So I figured I have to start another big project. Continue reading SMA: The Introduction

VIDEO: Thimmi 2016

As some may know… Continue reading VIDEO: Thimmi 2016

VIDEO: StarLapse

As a colleague of mine pointed out to me several times now, there has been some great nights for Aurora-spotting recently. Well, the chance of an Aurora was still high last night so I went out into the middle of nowhere and remembered that my GH4 actually has a built in intervallometer. And it turned out, that worked great! So I spent a few hours doing some time-lapses. And put it together here. It’s in 12 fps because 48 frames per time-lapse turned out to be kind of short in the regular 24 fps playback… oh well, one lives and learn, I guess.


20 sec 2015 ep01

Bringing back the randomness with a test of the new camera!



For the rest of the episodes in this series, look no further:

Video: DrinkkMakking 1&2

How do I waste a 300 dollar camera? Continue reading Video: DrinkkMakking 1&2

Video: Flash! AHAAAAA!!!

I just get giddy like a child when there’s thunder outside.

During a drive last sunday midnight I managed to get a cloud of thunder right above me. I also happened to have my 7D on my passenger seat. So it was just a quick setup needed as I switched to the Samyang 8mm (Famously, thunderclaps are kind of unpredictable in both placement and time. so I took the lens that has almost 180 degree of vision)

Just set it up on the dashboard. Nothing more or less. I then filmed until I saw a flash. Stopped the recording and started a new one. That way I didn’t have to watch 40 min of black sky for around a couple of seconds worth of flashes while editing.

I may return to these files when home just to process them a bit with Neat-Video and some other corrections.

Work on potterthon goes on!


Trying out (stealing) the style of Simons Cat for the RiKARD idea… might work… no sound for this test.

Potterthon 5 – Fenix-Orden

Nästan 2 år senare kommer här del 5. Nu i CinemaScope och mer frågor ställda av tittare än någonsin. Sakta men säkert går man mot slutet och huruvida alla dessa trådar kommer att nå en ändå vet bara hans stora nudlighet.

RAoA ep002

Weekly Vlog – y13w10

“…To Trin Tragula’s horror, the shock completely annihilated her brain; but to his satisfaction he realized that he had proved conclusively that if life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion.”