ART: GKX In the Arena


ART: GKX Title mock-up

I was surfing around today, looking at old 60’s and 70’s exploitation-films on bluray. and I got this urge to re-visit an old idea for a film I’ve wanted to do for a while now. And also to try to make a picture in the cinemascope frame as opposed to the 1:1 aspect ratio that I have fallen into the habit of using lately when I’m not drawing digital cells for animation. I mean. I just love the shape of it. 2.4:1. I wish I had a camera and lens-system that could shoot classic Cinemascope anamorphic on full 4 perf 35mm sensor size with awesome picture quality. Alas, for now, one can only dream… 🙂


ART: The Alienator

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Art: Bolt of Rock

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Potterthon VI BTS: Storyboard finally done!



This’ll be just a quick update on the progress of Potterthon.

I have finally sat down and drawn the storyboard needed for the animations. 12 pages in total. I think this may be a personal record for me. Why this long? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉


Be seeing you!


Nightly Photographic Neediness



Gah, Again with this photographic neediness!  🙂

People Started Cheering…



Sensing victory was nearing…

…thinking fortune must have smiled…


We’ll start all over again! All over again! All over again!

I’ve got a PLAAAAAAN!!!!


and another one…