Have too much money laying around? Want to support a struggling artist? Well, now you can!

Yes sure there are a lot of things one can donate to. But if your tax-returns form handler is frowning from all of those donations you are already doing to stopping world hunger, curing aids and all of that great stuff. Then how about shocking him with a donation to some guy in Sweden who’s out of work? Will he make you money? Not yet. Will he produce a steady stream of internet content. He sure wishes he could! But he needs money for that so that’s kind of a catch 22. So if you want to break that spell. And you have already done your part for the betterment of the world. Then go ahead and throw some money at this guy in the middle of Sweden! Go ahead! Make it into something you do out of spite. I’ll be grateful anyways.

Again. No projects apart from the ones that are already on-going (like Potterthon and the likes) will be invested in. If I need money for a specific project. Then believe me. It will show in the regular blog-feed!

All I ask is two things. I do not do money-laundering. And I do not want money that you could have spent on making the world better. That’s it. Just the scrappy cash is what I want. Is that too much to ask? Hm?

That’s all. Thank you all in advance!

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