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ART: S007

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P6 Progress: Changing calculations

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P6 Progress: S077, a record-breaker?

So progress seem to be going slowly if one’s only looking at the shot-counter above. but I think it could also be because this shot I’m working on right now is one of the more complex shots I’ve ever done for a flash-animation. Yes… each and every one of those dotted frames is a hand-drawn frame. 192 finished frames in 11 layers for a 42 frame duration… barely, not even, two seconds in the final thing.

Just wanted to share that things are going along just fine. No worries.

Be seeing you!

P6 PROGRESS 140930


So it’s the end of september. Took a slight hiatus on updates due to 20th being my birthday and all. But thanks to that I have also decided to treat myself to a new toy.  It really is a nice one. Heavy and big. But nice. And I do not know how to write that without it sounding inappropriate.


Todays teaser-screenshot reveals Agent Johnssons inevitable return from the last episode. But how. Why? That is for you to find out when the episode finally is finished.

Now I just want this damned cold to shake off! GADDAMIT! Sniffle!

Be seeing you!


P6 PROGRESS 140914


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P6 progress 140906


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P6 – Animatic Done!

So finally I  can say that the first cut of the animatic is done for Potterthon 6. It’s about as complicated as ever. But I have some faith in it… I think. But at least it means that I can finally start animating!


Potterthon VI BTS: Storyboard finally done!



This’ll be just a quick update on the progress of Potterthon.

I have finally sat down and drawn the storyboard needed for the animations. 12 pages in total. I think this may be a personal record for me. Why this long? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉


Be seeing you!


Potterthon 5 – Fenix-Orden

Nästan 2 år senare kommer här del 5. Nu i CinemaScope och mer frågor ställda av tittare än någonsin. Sakta men säkert går man mot slutet och huruvida alla dessa trådar kommer att nå en ändå vet bara hans stora nudlighet.

People Started Cheering…



Sensing victory was nearing…

…thinking fortune must have smiled…


We’ll start all over again! All over again! All over again!

I’ve got a PLAAAAAAN!!!!


Take a look around you. At the world we used to know…

Does it seem to be much more… than a … crazy circus show?

Listen! Do you hear them drawin’ near, in their search for the… SINNERS?!

Feeding on the power of our fear… AND THE EVIL WITHIN US!!!!

There is a curse on mankind!

We may as well be resigned!

JUST think of all the poverty, the hatred and the lies…

… and imagine the destruction, of all that you despise!

The chances of anything…

living on mars…

Slowly but surely…

… they drew their plans against us.