Colourful Tattoo

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What, whait?! No updates for like… a year?!

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181101 – Just a Smile! :D

Just a smiling gif for use on Twitch streams when happy stuff happens. Continue reading 181101 – Just a Smile! 😀

Tiny Faced Old Man

no real story behind this one…

Malmsten Punch

Another animation excersise. A bit on the whibbily wobbily side. But it looks decent methinks?

22 frames in Animate CC


Oh, and the rough animation!:



Just another spontaneous excersize in animation. This time. Trying to emulate the famous “Itano Circus” trope. 78 frames of animation not counting the countless WiP-frames…

Why is this my hobby?!


Standing n Pointing

Just me messing around with some animation. Animation drawn “on three’s”

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Random Medium Lady

I’ve been tinkering around in VR lately. Namely the excellent 3D-modeling app called Oculus Medium. And yes. It is a really fun way to sculpt. Especially with some synth-wave in the headphones. 😀

Cinnamon Rolls

Ok, 2016… now you’re just being petty… Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls


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Oculus Lady

So I know very well there hasn’t been much updating lately. Continue reading Oculus Lady

Encyclopedia of Underwater Life

Because I just had to find out!



Norrkoeping sep 2016

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SMA Min75 BTS log 001

This may be a strange thing to ask…  Continue reading SMA Min75 BTS log 001


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A few pics

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ART: DareLady

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