What, whait?! No updates for like… a year?!

Yes, I am alive.

The SMA-project is basically dead. The Potterthon is not exactly progressing either.

So am I doing anything at all?

Well. apart from work and whatever social life I have. For the hobby-stuff (drawing and animating) I am still active. Mostly I’m uploading to youtube and streaming on Twitch.tv.

I’ll probably go back and do a retroactive bunch upload of stuff that I don’t really think should be left out of the website I’m paying for.

Latest being what is below.  Fully drawn in Krita on a Wacom Cintiq 16. Just trying out a more sharp way of drawing just to see what it looks like for me. As apart from the very sketchy and loose style I’ve done recently.

So. Yeah. Be expecting a bunch posts showing up reatroactively.

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