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No, It didn’t really sit right with me. The latest video being called “kaleidoscopic”. I mean. I liked the visuals. But it was not exactly “kaleido” just “scopic”. I think.

So, please here do enjoy an attempt where I go full on with the kaleidoscopic visuals.

Nearly everything on the audio side is produced with a few first takes with my Behringer DeepMind12 at various presets. recorded and layered with Audacity. There is some kind of electrical interference noise present that I need to troubleshoot. But overall I am very pleased with the result, even if the sound is a bit noisy and muddily mixed at times.

The visuals are all made in Davinci Resolve’s Fusion Tab. A single noise node being filtered and mirrored multiple times and colorized at the end by a second noise node.

Now please enjoy…

Well, I say enjoy… (looking awkwardly off-camera)

Something Kaleidoscopic This Way Cometh

Last night I had an urge to do something kaleidoscopic. No real plan beyond that. So this is a fast noise with a duplicate node giving 100 duplicates. Constantly rotating. Interacting with each other. And the usual film treatment on top.

The sound is a drone sound where I turned on my Deepmind 12 and found that the preset it was on at the moment behaved very cool when you just held the note. So I held two low notes, and I pressed the hold key to keep them down virtually. And I just recorded the output to Audacity while manipulating the various faders and volume knob on the synthesizer during the 10+ minute runtime. Just a compressor in post to even out the sound volume as it drifts in and out. I was planning on adding more layers of sounds. But this raw evolving drone was just too neat sounding to risk drowning out.

SpaceWater (Short)

Abstract forms dance in front of a field of stars. Just an abstract experiment. Presented in Black and White with stereophonic sound in select venues.


Shot with #BMPCC6KG2. #BRAW 12:1, 2.7K 120fps.
Found sounds collected with #Zoom #M4 #Mictrak.
Synth sounds created with #VCVRackV2 Sounds processed with #Audiothings #Reels, Audiothings #Springs and #Softube #TapeEchoes

Edited and graded in #BlackmagicDesign #DavinciResolve and rendered in glorious #MonoChrome #BlackAndWhite

Learning Blender 3D’s Grease Pencil – Day 1 & 2

After much temptation I have now finally started my attempts to try to learn Grease Pencil in Blender 3D. I have dabbled for a while with Blender in general. Doing some abstract models and animations. But now is the time for me to jump in to do what I have spent most of my hobbies doing. 2D animation.

This will be an intermittent series of posts where I simply document what I am doing in Grease Pencil. Following various tutorials and trying to find ways to learn this thingamajigg enough to be able to call myself proficient in it.

Day 1 consisted of just getting a hang of the interface. How to draw simple lines. How to make the keyframes play in the order I want. And what better way to do that than to bring out ye olde bouncing ball. When all else fails. One never can go wrong with the bouncy ball.

Day 2 is today and I went ahead doing some more bouncy balls.

But balls are fun and all,, though I wanted to try out colors. So instead of a bouncy ball, here’s a blinking ducky… thing…

Ok… I realize now that exporting these as videos might not be that great of an idea as I they are very short loops. But with that ducky thingy I did find a rather nice workflow thing where I basically set up each color as a material. And I can then hot-swap them after I did the coloring of the drawings and it automatically updates on all frames that uses that material/color. I mean… this is a feature I have heard of for years and it seems like a very nice thing to have when doing big projects. So in a sense, it’s basically just me being late to the proverbial party.

Oh, well..

I’ll see if I can get some more stuff through this thing.

Oh, and holy heck it’s been a long time since I did anything on this site.

210628 GoProHero9BlackSlowestMoTest

210503 – “Hey!” short


210321 – Yet another sped up twitch stream

As the title says, it is another one of them. I need to set something up so I can make these on a more regular basis. And actually knowing what I am supposed to animate before I start to stream to an audience of… 1… I think that’s a bug… It’s probably zero viewers.



Animating in Krita – Dog Sitting up – 210306 Speedup

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20sec 210227

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jmalmsten Scope Ident

Well. It is a new year, so I guess I need a new ident for youtube videos!

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Colourful Tattoo

Japanese tattoos have always fascinated me Continue reading Colourful Tattoo

A still and an animation Double-Feature

This don’t happen often. Continue reading A still and an animation Double-Feature

Playing around a bit with clean BW and halftone

Just wanted to try out halftones and pure black and white. Continue reading Playing around a bit with clean BW and halftone

What, whait?! No updates for like… a year?!

Yes, I am alive. Continue reading What, whait?! No updates for like… a year?!

SMA 181115 – min75 sec 38

This time I revisited the ol’ min 75… but this time I got past it at least. 🙂

The finished shot:


The sped up creation:


See work in progress playlists here:

For more information about what this is all about check out this page:

Anyways… as the immortal Number 6 used to say:

Be seeing you!

SMA 181115 – min52 sec 06

So now the first segment is done.

As I said in the overview post. I have no idea where this project will end up story-wise… I will mainly animate it according to what seems interesting each time.

I am heavily considering moving over to Krita instead for animation though… mainly because it is mainly pixel based and has a decent timeline for animation (especially compared with Photoshop).

This is the result of two days of streaming:

See the creation of it here:

See work in progress playlists here:

For more information about what this is all about check out this page:

Anyways… as the immortal Number 6 used to say:

Be seeing you!