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CotW 2401 – the Pledge

In a vain attempt to force myself to get myself to do uploads more often I vowed to myself at new years eve that I will upload something each week. Something. Anything.

Well, I damn near failed at the first week. I had not filmed anything. So now, I was at the point that the vow meant. I need to do something. Anything.

So, here’s a series of shots filmed in pure desperation. And some sounds that I made to accompany it. Some may call the sounds music. I am not sure I would go that far.

I consider this the lowest effort. I hope I will make more interesting stuff for the coming weeks.

See you next week for… something… anything.


No, It didn’t really sit right with me. The latest video being called “kaleidoscopic”. I mean. I liked the visuals. But it was not exactly “kaleido” just “scopic”. I think.

So, please here do enjoy an attempt where I go full on with the kaleidoscopic visuals.

Nearly everything on the audio side is produced with a few first takes with my Behringer DeepMind12 at various presets. recorded and layered with Audacity. There is some kind of electrical interference noise present that I need to troubleshoot. But overall I am very pleased with the result, even if the sound is a bit noisy and muddily mixed at times.

The visuals are all made in Davinci Resolve’s Fusion Tab. A single noise node being filtered and mirrored multiple times and colorized at the end by a second noise node.

Now please enjoy…

Well, I say enjoy… (looking awkwardly off-camera)