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Colourful Tattoo

Japanese tattoos have always fascinated me Continue reading Colourful Tattoo

A still and an animation Double-Feature

This don’t happen often. Continue reading A still and an animation Double-Feature

Playing around a bit with clean BW and halftone

Just wanted to try out halftones and pure black and white. Continue reading Playing around a bit with clean BW and halftone

What, whait?! No updates for like… a year?!

Yes, I am alive. Continue reading What, whait?! No updates for like… a year?!

Tiny Faced Old Man

no real story behind this one…

181004 – Livestream Test – Poop

I have just spent the last few hours animating a gif where a man poops his pants… Continue reading 181004 – Livestream Test – Poop

streamingtest 2 – Live


Just something abstract

Just wanted to animate an abstract shape that loops in a fun way.  Only now that I uploaded it do I realize it kind of resembles a logo. But logo for what? I honestly can’t remember… The inspiration is a few of those loops that Anno (not sure those linked are Anno’s but yeah… ) and Morimoto has done. The movement may be a bit on the too fast side… but part of the excersize for me was to try animating in full 24fps instead of my beloved 8 fps

Itano Circus Test 2

Holy Moly! It's been half a year since the last post? Man. I need to get back into this gambit. Well. Here's a quickie test. It's basically another Itano Circus. But it's done in a bit more unusual way.
  • I first filmed the background, using my GH4 in 1080p 2 fps video mode.
    – (In variable framerate mode it actually only records in the framerate that you set it to. It saves it as a standard 24 fps file for playback but the framerate difference can make either super-speedy footage (if recorded with framerate slower than the playback) or slow motion (if recorded with a faster framerate than the playback). And that works great for my experiment as I want it suuuper speedy in this case. 2 fps recording makes it 12 times faster. Playing that back at 8fps makes it… uhhh… ok, I don't know, but it looked like I wanted it to at least!)
  • Then I took it into after effects.
  • Time-reversed it (I walked forward during filming to be able to get footage that was traveling backwards without risking tripping over stuff in my messy apartment).
  • Then. I exported that as a png-sequence (I found a great youtube channel btw that mentions importing video into flash as png-sequences)
  • And then using that as the background, I drew the whole circus thingy in flash in 8 fps… sorry, Adobe Animate.
  • Then I exported it (the animation layers, that is) as a png sequence again and…
  • imported it to After Effects, layered it back on top of the original footage interpreted as 8 fps and finally exported it.
Kind of worked out better than expected in my opinion. I may be using this method more in ongoing projects… because I still suck at drawing backgrounds… 🙂 Anyways… Be seeing you!

Malmsten Punch

Another animation excersise. A bit on the whibbily wobbily side. But it looks decent methinks?

22 frames in Animate CC


Oh, and the rough animation!:



Just another spontaneous excersize in animation. This time. Trying to emulate the famous “Itano Circus” trope. 78 frames of animation not counting the countless WiP-frames…

Why is this my hobby?!


Standing n Pointing

Just me messing around with some animation. Animation drawn “on three’s”

Continue reading Standing n Pointing

Random Medium Lady

I’ve been tinkering around in VR lately. Namely the excellent 3D-modeling app called Oculus Medium. And yes. It is a really fun way to sculpt. Especially with some synth-wave in the headphones. 😀

Cinnamon Rolls

Ok, 2016… now you’re just being petty… Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls


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Oculus Lady

So I know very well there hasn’t been much updating lately. Continue reading Oculus Lady

Norrkoeping sep 2016

Continue reading Norrkoeping sep 2016