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240317 – Messing about in Fusion

So, I was sitting at the computer. Watching clips on youtube (as one does) and up popped a video that had a certain clip from a certain japanese show where young teens are forced to evangelize the birth of neon. And I thought. Huh. I could probably do what I saw in that clip.

Okay I may not be able to do the crisp character animation of the Eva Unit 01. But I was not thinking about that. I was thinking about the background. The red and yellow paint flowing past at incredible speed in the background. Reminding me of when filmmakers with little regards to their own safety film close-ups of volcano eruptions with a telephoto lens.

That. I think I can replicate that, at least.

So I opened Fusion and started connecting nodes. And the result was this.

Which resulted in this:

Ok. I couldn’t resist putting it angled over the virtual camera. And as there’s no foreground animation I went ahead and made the colors more contrasty.

All the animation in it is procedural. It’s basically just a few fast noise nodes that have been put through some distortions and colorizations. The only thing making it all move is a single expression that the noise nodes are linked together with.

Point(0.0, time*(2/3))

It moves the canvas of the noise upwards 2/3 of the total height of the resolution.

The eagle eyed of you might have noticed that there indeed are two saver nodes in that node tree. The other is there because I tried extracting the yellow with a color keyer and put it through an XGlow node from the Reactor toolset (please, someone pry me away from XGlow nodes! I love how they look but they take up soooo much time in my node trees! ;D)

The result reminded me of some kind of old school space battle where streaks of lazers burn through the view. Or maybe a kind of athmospheric re-entry of a vehicle. Anyway. It just looked plain cool.

So I had to give it its own render:

I’m not sure what I’ll use these for. It was mainly just an exercise to see if I can put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. I can say. I know how to do that, and be sure that I actually can.

Oh, And I’m counting these in the weekly upload pledge that I am failing so miserably to fulfill. I may know how to do videos, But I struggle with stuff like weekly uploads.

So… anyways…

Be seeing you!

240311 – A Torture Test of XGlows

A series of Fusion Comps where I tortured my computer for hours on end with lots and lots of glows, noise nodes and whatever I could think of. Loosely strung together with an exploring shape that’s sometimes a simple triangle and sometimes a 3D Tetrahedron.

I might revisit some of it to show how the comps were built if viewers want it.

240227 – The Yearly Tradition – aka Thimmi 2024

240130 – New Channel Trailer

I was messing about in Fusion and thought I would make a new channel trailer for the tube of you’s. That is all.

240128 – A BW Test of MalmScope Principles

So, here’s one of these uploads that I do that do very little to embiggen my subscriber-base. Instead, it is a sequence of clips I shot recently between 2.5-120 fps. Converted to BW and graded, and cropped to fit my windowboxing method that I am experimenting with.

Shot by me and auditory noise produced by me with a Deepmind 12

If, despite all logic, ye are curious what this “MalmScope” thing is all about. you can read a needlessly rambling post on this, my (in)frequently webpage:

240121 – Content of the Week 2403

Hah! Just because I missed the 2nd week doesn’t mean I have to miss the third week deadline!

Now, here you can enjoy the audio portion of the Free Association Experiment I mentioned in the last video.

See you in the next piece of weekly content!

240119 – Content of the Week 2402

Ok, I missed the upload of week 2. To that I can only say FECK.

But… Let’s overcompensate for that with a very ill-advised decision.

CotW 2401 – the Pledge

In a vain attempt to force myself to get myself to do uploads more often I vowed to myself at new years eve that I will upload something each week. Something. Anything.

Well, I damn near failed at the first week. I had not filmed anything. So now, I was at the point that the vow meant. I need to do something. Anything.

So, here’s a series of shots filmed in pure desperation. And some sounds that I made to accompany it. Some may call the sounds music. I am not sure I would go that far.

I consider this the lowest effort. I hope I will make more interesting stuff for the coming weeks.

See you next week for… something… anything.

24 Screams of Christmas

Just in case someone interested missed it. During most of December I uploaded a series of youtube-videos that charitably could be called an “Advent Calendar”. Each day there was Herr Nicht Werner and each day he presented another scream. Some other shenanigans did ensue. But that was the main thing.

I welcome you now to watch this whole series. Each episode is just a few minutes. So you can probably get through the whole thing in a single sitting.

If this is not actually to your particular fancy… I… I do not know why you are here. 🙂

Oh, and if you wonder why it’s 24 and not 25. Well, here in Sweden, we celebrate eves, not days.

Take care now! Bye bye then!


No, It didn’t really sit right with me. The latest video being called “kaleidoscopic”. I mean. I liked the visuals. But it was not exactly “kaleido” just “scopic”. I think.

So, please here do enjoy an attempt where I go full on with the kaleidoscopic visuals.

Nearly everything on the audio side is produced with a few first takes with my Behringer DeepMind12 at various presets. recorded and layered with Audacity. There is some kind of electrical interference noise present that I need to troubleshoot. But overall I am very pleased with the result, even if the sound is a bit noisy and muddily mixed at times.

The visuals are all made in Davinci Resolve’s Fusion Tab. A single noise node being filtered and mirrored multiple times and colorized at the end by a second noise node.

Now please enjoy…

Well, I say enjoy… (looking awkwardly off-camera)

Something Kaleidoscopic This Way Cometh

Last night I had an urge to do something kaleidoscopic. No real plan beyond that. So this is a fast noise with a duplicate node giving 100 duplicates. Constantly rotating. Interacting with each other. And the usual film treatment on top.

The sound is a drone sound where I turned on my Deepmind 12 and found that the preset it was on at the moment behaved very cool when you just held the note. So I held two low notes, and I pressed the hold key to keep them down virtually. And I just recorded the output to Audacity while manipulating the various faders and volume knob on the synthesizer during the 10+ minute runtime. Just a compressor in post to even out the sound volume as it drifts in and out. I was planning on adding more layers of sounds. But this raw evolving drone was just too neat sounding to risk drowning out.



Animating in Krita – Dog Sitting up – 210306 Speedup

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20sec 210227

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jmalmsten Scope Ident

Well. It is a new year, so I guess I need a new ident for youtube videos!

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A still and an animation Double-Feature

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Testing out Krita – And my animation template!

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181113 – Twitch-speedup

yet another one. This one goes more into the body-horror territories…