Finally work on Potterthon has resumed! And spoilers galore!

Let’s just say that the project that was just going to be a quick two week thing has now spiraled for a long while into years in the progress. The upside of that is that I learn so much between the episodes that each is in many ways leaps and bounds better than the one before it. The downside, of course is that I get into these dry ruts where no work gets done at all for months. But I am glad to announce that starting today, work has resumed in earnest. And I’ll even reveal a few tid-bits about the coming episodes.

ep 6.  – This is the one I’m working on right now. And it is turning out to be a fully animated entry. Maybe the rest will too. Done in flash like the animated parts in the last one. But I’ll stick to only using the brush-tool and skip the pen tool alltogether. Why? Well, during the Gojirathon I really got to know the brush tool. And we’ve become quite the BFF’s during the last couple of months.

Finale-Trailer – This is one thing that will take some time for a few reasons. Firstly it is something that will probably take up a lot of space in my animation-portfolio. So I really want it to be some of the best animation I have ever done. And also, it will serve as a sort of ep 6.5, filled with a montage of events that detail the adventure that the gang gets up to between ep 6 and the finale. To be honest. It’s very much a thing inspired by Hideo Kojimas trailers. Especially ZoE:Second Runner. So if I know anyone that can do music in that vein. Please, do give me a call or send me some form of message.

Finale Ep 7-8 – Mirroring the films that they detail. These will be made concurrently and released a few months apart. I will still watch nr 7 and write the script for nr 7 before watching nr 8. But the actual filming and animation will be done in tandem with the goal of finishing the 7th episode first and then concentrating on the post-work on nr 8. I have no idea how I’m going to make the stories stranger and wilder. But at least it’ll be better than the films… or maybe they’ll win me over in the end? I doubt it.

Oh, and while the blog has gone full English since the move to WordPress and I will still do the Potterthons in Swedish. Maybe I’ll let the FinaleTrailer be in English just to make it sound more like an international production. But the regular episodes will stay Swedish. In upcoming projects though. I think I’ll go English on video’s as well. This to maximize ad-revenue as more people are likely to watch the films if they are in a language a bit more international compared to our own Bork Bork Bork dialect.

But that’s about it for today. I’ll leave you with the traditional timeline-snapshot. Take care now, Bye bye then!



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