Gojirathon Bonus 3: Always 3 chôme no yûhi ’64 (2012)

G: plus 18 days

What is this, I hear you ask? Wasn’t I done with the Godzilla marathon until the next film comes out? Well. To tell you the truth. I have done some willful omitting. There are a few more productions where Godzilla creeps up. This is where I list them.

Always: Sunset on 3rd Street 3 (2012)

Aw, gaddammit! Here I was. Supposed to pull off a marathon of testosterone-filled monster-films. And what do I end up watching at the tail-end of it? Some goddamn cheesy trilogy of sugarsweetness. And what’s even worse? I liked it!

The jump in time is now very apparent. It’s the age of the 64 olympics (I’m pretty sure Nintendo made a game out of it). Color TV’s are all the rage and we reunite with the happy-go-lucky families of 3rd street a few blocks down from Tokyo Tower. Again, the story of the writer is mostly in the forefront but the others aren’t really neglected either. Still, there’s some questionable parts of acting and the now obligatory sequence where Suzuki Auto goes ape-mad and temporarily gains super-saiyan hair-do still feels a bit out of place. But then again. I’ve come to expect it by now. And I have to admit that it does put a smile on my face. The stories are simplistic but well-crafted and while the effects still are a bit clunky. It works.

The main events here are that we follow the girl mechanic finding a husband, Mr Literature loosing both his steady paycheck, his father and his adoptive son, and his wife is pregnant and soon to be a mother. The story is here to book-end the whole trilogy. All of the characters having gotten their big arcs.

And this entry in my blog is to be kept reasonably short. Because while I did really enjoy it. There’s not much to talk about that I haven’t spoken of before in the last two. And two is also the hundreds of posts that I have posted on this site according to the wordpress dashboard. This is probably something I should have celebrated. I don’t know. I’m rambling. It’s 2:00 AM and I want to draw the picture for this one before going to bed. I’m not sure how to follow up this in the Gojirathon. This was the last of the Always-films. Maybe I should find some other production that’s Toho and Godzilla related? Maybe something with superheroes and zany costumes?

I’ll see what I can come up with.

Be seeing you!


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