I went too far I guess?

I entered the, by now, annual Super8 workshop here in Östersund, Jämtland, Sweden. And since the rules where changed this time around, we could not only see the footage before the premiere, we could all out edit it to our hearts content… well… at least until today, since the one managing the whole deal needs to have the results back in order to set up the playlist that will be shown this wednesday at Bio Regina.

And well… when I heard that we could basically use it like normal footage and cut it until it fits, I went all out on it. And I realized afterwards, by now I’m rendering a half dozen of formats, that maybe I went for broke on this one. Last year I basically did just the edit in camera and no soundtrack. Now… well… you can see it all on the screenshot above. It basically became a bit more complicated than expected. But I’m actually quite pleased with the result I got, even if my headphones aren’t really handling the base-heavy soundtrack. I wonder how it will sound at the big screening. Hopefully I won’t bust anything expensive.

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