Shutterspeed = Framerate… NOT!!!!

Nu är jag less… ännu en gång har jag konfronterats med frågan om varifrån folk får sin tro att slutarhastighet är lika med bildupptagningshastigheten på en videokamera…

Tillochmed i “kamerakörkortspapperet” vi fick på piteå musikhögskola så står det “Slutartiden ställer bildhastigheten”… NEJ!!!! NOT!!!!!

Och för att sprida min fråga över större område så tänker jag ställa frågan på engelska och jag får väl börja med en disclaimer:

The following comment contains crude language and general frustration… I’m sorry for the tone… but I think it needs to be said:

I’ve always been confused about WHO THE HELL is it that’s telling everyone that shutter speed equals framerate… This seems to be a global problem since everywhere from the states to where I am in sweden people has gotten it into their minds that this is a fact…

Every time I ask them that if that was the case, why aren’t the tape being consumed in an insane rate and that the tapedecks sure are oddly quiet when recording at 8000fps full resolution while they sound like a dragracer when fast forwarding at 10X speed (remember… 8000fps would be 333 x the speed of 24fps) … And also… Where do they see the “smooth slow motion playback”…

What’s the answer I get?… They are more than likely to say “But that’s what the teachers told us at class.”

So there’s clearly someone out there spreading this misinformation since everyone that thinks this is the case was told so by someone higher up…

So, for the last time:


On the other hand… YES when shooting at a higher framerate you would likely be using a higher shutterspeed. Just to simulate the same motion blur as if the camera was actually capturing the event slowed down. Which would translate to 1/120 for 60fps when shooting 60i and pulling apart the fields to get 60p… which would give a clip that’s 2,5 the length of its full speed when playing back in 24 fps…

In PAL country it would be 1/100 shutterspeed for 50fps interlaced footage which you pull apart to 50p and then play back at 25fps giving a double length clip.

That’s how far into slow mo you can go with the HV20 without framestepping, frame-blending, or morphing between frames. 40% speed for NTSC’s 60i to 24p, or 50% for PAL’s 50i to 25p… THAT’S IT! the math is easy enough.

Spread the word… Let’s beat this counter-intelligence agency in the war of facts about the shutter speeds influence on slow motion!

Now… I do apologize for the loudness and crudeness of my post, but one can only hear a missunderstanding for so long without snapping….

again… sorry…

Oh, utifall att jag inte hinner med ännu ett inlägg…



HAPPY CHANNUKA (hur det nu stavas…)



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