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Photoshoot Röninge Juli 2008

Ok, as hinted at over at the parent-blog I’ve started to upload some of the results my photographic expeditions of my surroundings. Starting with this one… Shot while my parents was away on vacation in Stockholm and I took care of some of the things needed back at the farm. I decided to go out and shoot some stuff to try out the “new” camera I got. A some-name Nikon… don’t know more than that.

Well, here’s the results. Shot on Kodak 400TMAX BW negative 135 Film…

First up is the text-book DOF-example. The film I used was quite fast and sunlight was abundant. So I tried it out.

closed aperture left and open at right:

Then some of the surroundings of the animals we have here… These life-stock does have a nice view don’t ya think?

And here’s the critters themselves:

Now… heres one of those “awwww cute” pics:

Would be nice if they didn’t stare into the camera all the time… but I guess that’s a given since you, as a human, are viewed as the source of candy-like treats in buckets:

There’s two little ones in this area… one of them, if she’s in any of the pictures ain’t more than a week old…

And ending on one that get’s the “postcard” feeling:

I’ll be back… next time with two reels of pic’s from Åre I think…