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Photoshoot: Kramfors-Ă–stersund p1

Well, as some may have heard. I have taken up a day-job at the migration-office in Kramfors. This has resulted in me driving each week from my home town of Ă–stersund to the slightly smaller town of Kramfors nearer the swedish eastern coast.

I want to calm the worries. I’ve seen the third Evangelion-film and have written about half of the text that’s going to go with that drawing which I will draw during the coming week. I have also made an animatic for Potterthon 6 which will be the foundation for the animation that I’ll be doing while away from home.

But these weekly trips on the swedish highways have made me appreciate that there are some darned pretty sights here. And some of the times I just have to stop the car and snap some shots. This makes a trip that my mom does in about two hours into a trip that frequently takes 3+ hours. It’s longer. But I think it’s worth it.