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Cinnamon Rolls

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Encyclopedia of Underwater Life

Because I just had to find out!



Norrkoeping sep 2016

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SMA Min75 BTS log 001

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SMA update 160724

So I made that big annauncement about the SMA-project some time ago and then nothing really has happened. Have I given up on it? No. I just didn’t realize that the summer was going to be so attractive. Plus. Just like last summer. I decided to not take out any vacation days during these heated days of the year. So very little time has been spent with creative stuff overall. I just wanted to say that it still is ongoing… or at least it will start. Some time… at the end of summer. When walking outside and generally socializing may be lower on the priority list.

Be seeing you!

SMA: The Introduction

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New Announcement Coming!

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ART: DareLady

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Gearing up for the Academy Awards


VIDEO: Thimmi 2016

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ART: # David Lynch Doodle

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ART: S007

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Geeking out on the crops of GH4

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Holy crap!

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P6 Progress: Changing calculations

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P6 Progress: S077, a record-breaker?

So progress seem to be going slowly if one’s only looking at the shot-counter above. but I think it could also be because this shot I’m working on right now is one of the more complex shots I’ve ever done for a flash-animation. Yes… each and every one of those dotted frames is a hand-drawn frame. 192 finished frames in 11 layers for a 42 frame duration… barely, not even, two seconds in the final thing.

Just wanted to share that things are going along just fine. No worries.

Be seeing you!

ART: hit ‘n run GIF



As wise man once said:

When lightning strikes once.

The Ninja Strikes Twice