EvaRebuild: Evangerion Shin Gekijôban: Ha (’09)

2.0 or 2.22

In order to make sure the posts keep coming I picked the next bunch of films to write about. This time it’s the strange phenomenon of Evangelion. And I’m going at the latest iteration. The Rebuild project.

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (’09)

So I sat down last friday and watched the second film in this rebuild of the Evangelion series (I plan on watching part 3 the coming friday and then it’s just a wait for the fourth one to be released sometime 2015 if I understood things correctly).

The film picks up at the end of the first one. following up on the teaser that was in the post-credit sequence. And… It’s funny. Or rather. Weird, I might say. I don’t remember the shady spy girl from the TV-show. Is she new? Heck. even the whole first angel-battle here is new. Things kind of has veered off the beaten track a bit here. But it did grab my attention. I like it when remakes dares to do things new.  It just puzzled me as I had trouble separating her and Asuka’s characters in my head. Which in and of itself is weird considering they have both distinct looks and personalities.

Also, there is another thing that I found weird. But it’s not something from the film itself. Or maybe it is. Basically what I mean is that. When I went on to EvaWiki to find visual references of the angel-battles I found myself in disbelief. I do not remember “10th angel”. Who got all the way down to the base to have a staredown with Misato and the whole NERV-crew.

That almost makes me want to go back and rewatch it. Is this why it’s sometimes called 2.0 and sometimes 2.22? I never found out really what the distinction between them are. Any one know? Please do enlighten me. Because I find it hard to believe that I had forgotten a battle like that.

Oh well. I am a bit more pleased with the picture this time. And also the film. I look forward to part 3 which. As I’ve been told is going even more in its own direction apart from the source-show.



I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any cinematic rendition of Fly Me to the Moon yet.


Does Misato’s phone use the ring-signal version of Mothra’s Call? ö.0?!


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