Art: Bolt of Rock

So I found myself on the bus between my home-town Östersund and the work-town Kramfors. No signal strength for the usual web-browsing. For some reason I started to think about 80’s awesomeness. And out came the Note 10.1 which I have scarcely used the stylus from since way back when I bought it. But now inspiration struck. And with no distractions from the usual ether to bother me I went ahead and drew a “quick” sketch of an armored woman on a dragon. I put “quick” inside quotation-marks because while it is a messy sketch, it still took me all of the 3-4 hour trip to complete.

NotQuite80sEnoughBut it did get the juices flowing. I wanted to get something more finished done. So when I arrived, I promptly set up the Cintiq I brought with me (the 12 inch version) and from then to now, with break for work that actually brings some money, this was the result. And for once… I actually felt really pleased with myself over the result…



Even though it could probably need a bit more 80’s.  😛

See ya!

(oh, and the whole reason I brought the Cintiq was so that I could get some work done on Potterthon, so don’t worry)

– Johan Malmsten


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