Video: Flash! AHAAAAA!!!

I just get giddy like a child when there’s thunder outside.

During a drive last sunday midnight I managed to get a cloud of thunder right above me. I also happened to have my 7D on my passenger seat. So it was just a quick setup needed as I switched to the Samyang 8mm (Famously, thunderclaps are kind of unpredictable in both placement and time. so I took the lens that has almost 180 degree of vision)

Just set it up on the dashboard. Nothing more or less. I then filmed until I saw a flash. Stopped the recording and started a new one. That way I didn’t have to watch 40 min of black sky for around a couple of seconds worth of flashes while editing.

I may return to these files when home just to process them a bit with Neat-Video and some other corrections.

Work on potterthon goes on!

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