Vimeo: Origami Ice Melting

Melting Silent Ice Origami from Johan Malmsten on Vimeo.

Taking the Andy Warhol way of just filming sumthin’ and then releasing it and applying it a bit more than with sTATIC…

Well… it’s… one of those things I decided to just freeze, for reasons not yet clear to me to this day still, in containers of water. Now I decided to melt them while filming, then I sped it up (it took about 30minutes to film with boiling water underneath) so it took around 3 minutes of playback. Video was then desaturated to black/white and made to go backwards… looks kindof weird but I guess that was the idea I had back in my mind.

No music on this one, why? don’t want to do another copyright infringement and I am just too lazy right now to do something myself. but I would like to know if you stumble over something that syncs with it… one never knows…;)

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