Vimeo: sTATIC

sTATIC from Johan Malmsten on Vimeo.

Well another oldie… Done after watching a documentary on Andy Warhol where they talked about his work doing stuff like “guys sitting in a sofa for 40 minutes” and the likes… And I thought… Hey, if Warhol can do that… then surely I can do 5 minutes of… ehh… and I looked around… television Static!

So production-wise then… it’s my HV20 in my apartment with only natural lighting… mostly from the tv… and in post I crammed the contrast and made it black and white to give it that typical indie-arthouse look… Oh… and this also features my own very first composing! done on my old Casio keyboard with some weird tweeked out settings on the Strings preset. and in post stretched out to around 60 percent it’s original speed and cleaned up.

so just watch and enjoy…;)

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