Youtube: Spring in Piteå

Well, a short overnight assignment from school resulted in this… The assignment was to experiment with filming various compositions and then explaining the thoughts behind afterwards. I went ahead and edited this toghether of the 30 minutes of material that I recorded.


Alltough it has the nightmareish undercurrents, I in real life don’t feel that the factory depicted here (paper-factory called Kappa) are of evil. And papermaking is probably quite enviromentaly frendly. Just so you know my intentions are not to critizise the industry of Kappa. It’s purely for the sake of experimenting with pictures and sound.

The music is the intro of Bless the Child by Nightwish, slowed to 25% speed with pitch keeped.

Shot with Sony PD150 and sometimes with a wideangle lens with camera set to 4:3 and preset outdoor whitebalance. Edited using Premiere Pro to 1.85 widescreen using “tilt-scan” and sometimes obviously crushed some colors with the Levels Tool.

I would described it myself as a cross between David Lynch and Mamoru Oshii’s Angels Egg. If that came across or not I don’t know…

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